Seek. Support. Share

Our soul mission is to simply share Reiki and connect Communities.

The word Reiki is made from two Japanese symbols, or kanji, each kanji have various meaning and become more specific when coupled with other kanji. The generalised meaning of Reiki in the Western World is ‘universal life force’.

Of the universe.
Great unseen power.
Entity greater than ourselves.

Energy (Chi, Qi, Prana)
Life Force.

You're missing futon a young and vibrant photo of Amy :)

Amy Brandon created this resource after struggling to finding a Reiki Community in a new Country. She hopes to create a usable hub of information and a platform to connect people in Reiki, no matter the form or background.
Amy enjoys teaching Usui Shiki Ryoho in Katy, Texas and treats with an open heart and mind. You can contact Amy using the links in the footer.

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