Returning to Reiki

In my quest to unite Reiki practitioners, I am finding people who have learnt Reiki but allowed it to slip quietly from their lives. Anywhere from a few years to over a decade. The distance in the memory of Reiki is enough to create uncertainty in joining a Reiki group and therefore creates a reason to ignore the calling. And understandably so. It is social human nature to do nothing in the face of uncertainty. Understanding this gives me the confidence and optimism to continue shouting from the rooftops to anyone who will listen. 
So…… how do you overcome this doubt and uncertainty, I see three options:

  1. Read this post, it may be all you need 🙂
  2. You can book in for a refresher class of Reiki, this will refresh your knowledge and your confidence. I offer resitsfor past students but happy to extend this offer if you can provide a Reiki 1 certificate and assurance that you were taught in person by a certified Reiki Teacher.
  3. You can bite the bullet and turn up to a Reiki share. Well, you can always call me first and talk through your concerns, I have no doubt they would soon be dispelled. 

I teach that we are all born with energy healing abilities and it is our conditioning that helps us forget, when initiated into Reiki, you are reconnected to universal energy and then use practice and intention to increase your sensitivity. When time passes with-out practicing, we desensitise once again, which is why any one of the above options will help you to remember your intention, increase sensitivity and urge you to create the habit once more. 
For some, failing to start a habit of daily Reiki has been the reason, if this is you, I dare say your Reiki Teacher failed to inspire you. This also can be rectified by any of the three options above.

If you have a desire to re-introduce Reiki into your life but not quite ready to join others in group Reiki, I encourage you to start a new habit, right now! Try any or all of the exercises below:

  • Lay your hands on your chest, belly, heart or legs, wherever is comfortable, and activate Reiki in the way you were taught. Do it now……… Well done, you’ve just re-started your practice 🙂
  • Set an alarm for an appropriate time each day to do the exercise above.
  • Put a note next to your bed to practice Reiki before you fall asleep (one of my favourites)
  • Use the same note to practice Reiki as soon as you wake up (making full use of the snooze button!)
  • Include Reiki in any hands on activity you do daily, for example; many massage therapists, nurses and reflexologists have learned Reiki to compliment their work.
  • You may spend time everyday stroking your dog or cat, when you start petting them, activate Reiki. When you hold your baby, activate Reiki. When you hold your partner’s hand, activate Reiki. These have the added bonus of offer Reiki too.
  • Use your commute on public transport or car share or your wait time for an appointment to discretely practice Reiki. The time often passes quickly too.

Forget setting a time for your practice, the habit needs to be formed first. Then the length of time will naturally increase. The more you do it, the more you will want to. Once you experience the benefits and see changes, you will get the calling to practice for longer. 
It is also helpful to remember that the past is gone and done, we can’t change it but we can use the memory of it to do things differently. Feeling bad or regret for giving up a habit such as Reiki is unhelpful. Instead we can remember the reasons for learning in the first place and use them to propel our motivation into creating one of the best habits I have ever included in my life, if I did it, you can do.

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