What Can I Expect in my Reiki Treatment?

My Reiki treatments are rather systematic, this was born from the our need to experience the expected in order for us to relax enough to succumb to our innate healing instinct. Especially when many clients were unfamiliar with Reiki and relaxation is imperative for equilibrium of our mind and body, as if they are two separate entities. 
So with this in mind, I start by clarifying any previous experience with Reiki and then explain what I expect of you and what you can expect from me. It usually goes like this:

  • You will lay face up on the massage table and stay here for the duration of the treatment, unless you have specific reasons why this is not comfortable, in which case you may lay face down or sit in a chair. Comfort and relaxation is my initial intention.
  • I will then engage in Reiki and a short guided relaxation, helping you disconnect from the day.
  • The hand positions I move into begin at your head and follow the teachings of Usui Shiki Ryoho, covering the head, chest, abdomen and limbs. There are so many variations of hand positions, none of which should feel imposing in any way, remember, relaxation and comfort are key.
  • The time I spend in each position is guided mostly by my intuition, my intuition may tell me that one area needs more time than another, or that you would benefit mentally from the same amount of time in each hand position. This, I leave to the moment.
  • If you have come with a specific issue or illness, there may be specify hand positions that will help. For example, if you are stressed with worry, I will treat your head, but will spend as much time on your stomach because this is where worry manifests physically. If you are wrought with grief, I will spend more time in the heart space and hara. And if you have arthritic knees, I would spend more time here.
  • During the treatment I will play relaxing music and diffuse essential oils, both can be changed to your preference. We habitually create triggers in our life and these are notably unhelpful and stress inducing, when we actively create helpful triggers, such as sounds and smells, during a Reiki treatment for example, you can play the music or use the fragrance to invoke the blissful trigger. It’s a simple and easily applied anchor.
  • The end of the treatment is signalled by three full strokes down the sides of your body, this is gentle way to wake you if you have dropped off or to rouse you from your meditative state. I will ask you to take your time and allow any yawing and stretching to feel complete before sitting up and drinking some water.

Every Reiki treatment is likely to be different, your experiences can range from a warm tingling feeling, to seeing visions and colours. Some people experience nothing except a serene space in which to completely relax, there is no definitive list. 
It may also take a few sessions to relax into the treatment, often thanks to busy schedules and incessant self talk but rest assured, this does become quiet with a little persistence. Helping us create the space to heal.

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