What Is Reiki

For such a simple practice, it is surprisingly difficult to explain. My husband’s explanation is by far one of my favourites. When asked “What is Reiki?” his answer is simply “hot hands”. His experience of feeling heat emanating from the palms of the practitioner is one of the most common descriptions of receiving Reiki, and is perceived as the energy entering his body. It may sound weird and hippy but it is really very natural and what you will feel depends greatly on your current circumstances.

We are all born with this self healing ability, and in the Western World, our focus is quickly directed towards physical cues and inanimate assistance such as infant mobiles, toys, pencils and paper. All of which are essential in our development, but we are unlearning the ability to see and feel energy in the mean time. Therefore we forget, and at some point in our lives, often by accident or significant event, we become aware of something we are missing. This something reconnects us to our inner self, it helps us to maintain sanity in stressful jobs, decorum in busy family lives, general well being and in something bigger, deeper or more than our physical selves.
When this something is Reiki and you choose to learn how to treat yourself and others, you receive a series of initiations that are performed by a Reiki Teacher or Master.

Each initiation reconnects and reminds you of the connection you have with the universe and the abundant energy that flows.
The word Reiki has been used in Japan for many hundreds of years, the art of healing through touch is taught in many different forms. When the Japanese kanji is translated into english, it means Universal Life Force, which is the same as Qi, Chi, Ki, Prana or Bio/Energy Field, depending on your preferred practice. The Japanese forms of this practice were very secretive and certainly never taught outside of Japan. When Mikao Usui (the guy in the infamous photo attached to this post) experienced his enlightenment on Mt Kurama in 1922, he didn’t discover Reiki, he received insight of how to use Reiki, heal people and more importantly, how to share this knowledge with the world. It is a fascinating story and one for another day, but the way in which Reiki has developed was necessary for it’s survival, and very different to the original teachings and practices.

Once you have received the initiations, you have absolute access to Universal Life Force and as with all practices, in order to experience more deeply, regular practice is necessary. The more you practice, the more sensitive you become to the energy and more benefits you may experience. One of the beauties of this practice, is the ease in which you can practice. Many Reiki practitioners do this in bed as they fall asleep and when they wake up in the morning, there is no doctrine attached to it and can therefore be practiced as part of your belief system or as a practice in it’s own right. It is commonly used to compliment  massage, reflexology and other hands on treatments, and as complimentary health care by hospitals and shelters across Australia, UK and some States in the USA.

By reconnecting with Reiki energy and practicing daily, we are cultivating a healing way of life that will directly benefit us and our beautiful planet.

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