Choosing Your Teacher

More often than not, word of mouth or a friend of a friend will introduce us to our future Reiki Master. But if you are anything like me, and had to hunt for your Reiki Master, a few tips in finding the right Reiki Master may be appreciated!

A great place to start would be within your local Reiki Community, hopefully you will be able to find this in our Reiki Directory very soon. But, until it’s bursting with names, you may need to use Social Media and the internet to find them.

You will often find a list of preferred or registered Reiki Masters on Reiki Association or Organisation websites. The benefit of looking here, is that they must follow a code of ethics and a code of conduct in order to be listed, and often follow a Continuous Professional Development program. Their Membership of these Organisations also show a commitment to their practice. The Organisation is likely to practice a specific form of Reiki, and require a Standard of Training to join, so as long as it is a form you are drawn to, it’s a good option.

Once you have some names in your area, it’s a good idea to call them and have a conversation, or ask to meet with them in person. By doing this, you can experience the natural rapport you have, see how dedicated they are to their practice and ask any questions you may have before committing to a class. Reiki is a spiritual practice, you are likely to have new experiences and your practice will deepen by discussing your experiences with your Reiki Master.

And finally, you deserve to be supported in your new Reiki practice. The support must continue past the Reiki Class, past the first few months of practice and through the second and possibly third degree of Reiki.
A Reiki Master must be there to support you for life, with this commitment, Reiki Students are destined to create a strong and rewarding Reiki practice.

Good luck and share some Reiki!

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