Reiki and Wellness

Reiki will work to balance our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Therefore, no matter how bad or afraid we may feel during illness, Reiki will help.


When we engage in or receive Reiki, we are letting go of our thoughts in relation to the dis-harmony we are experiencing, and allowing the flow of loving, healing energy to flood our being.

In other words, we are letting go of our ego and when distracted from the discomfort or specifics of our condition, we are open to healing. When we do this, the energy can flow more easily and heal from the root cause.

What Is The Root Cause?

The root cause is where Reiki can become complicated; this is where our traumas, experiences, conditioning and thought patterns impact our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. The root cause of our current health could pre-date our birth or past generations, or manifest from a series of inherited beliefs. It doesn’t really matter where Reiki needs to work, all it needs is an intention and a desire to heal, and both are activated when we engage in Reiki.

How Does it Work?

As we know, a daily practice will encourage wellness, but Reiki doesn’t do it alone. Our daily practice offers insight on how best to live. The insight may show itself in a number of ways:

• A thought that we’re compelled to take action on

• Newfound motivation

• Inspiration to form a new habit

• Recognising opportunities

• Better sleep hence increased energy

• Strength to make good food choices

• Clear thoughts assisting decision-making

Insights received are likely to be subtle at first, but when we begin to notice them, they become more apparent. This will add to the good feelings experienced and create more of the same. The difference between insights and our thoughts are that our thoughts have become the unhelpful self-talk creating self-doubt and non-congruency, that is our thoughts and actions are misaligned. When we begin to take note of these insights, they become our thoughts and we are inspired to take action, this leads to better life decisions and a state of wellbeing.

What If There Is Pain?

In general, pain helps to increase the separation between body and mind, which in turn slows the flow of energy and the healing process. Reiki will bridge the divide, offering healing energy to the point of pain, and then beyond, in order to heal where it needs to. Knowing this gives us permission to take our focus off the area of pain and even distract ourselves to think of something else, even for a short time, this can be invaluable.

When we experience chronic or ongoing discomfort from medication or therapy, Reiki can help to reduce the symptomatic side effects in much the same way. Doctors and scientists disallow absolute results from medical intervention; there will always be some element of doubt, or what if. This feeling is diminished in Reiki. There is no doubt what-so-ever that healing is taking pace. We may feel movement in our cells, warmth across our body or a simple knowing that the energy is working to heal us in places no drug can reach.

How Do We Encourage Greater Healing?

By harnessing all of the information above and trusting that Reiki is healing in such a way that the process of creating long term wellness is well underway. Immediate results may create short-term relief, which is often how we experience modern medicine. Patience and perseverance, along with a little faith in our innate healing abilities will create the free path for Reiki to flow and remove our resistance to heal. This may be why modern medicine and Reiki work so well together. 

Engage in Reiki, trust your being and be well!

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